Paper Cape

Now here’s a thought.
After the past week and the upcoming week i’ve been playing music that I wouldn’t normally choose to play. I’m not going to say that I haven’t and wont enjoy it,but I’m getting tired of it and more tired that I’m not playing my own music or the music I would normally be playing day in day out.
I miss my music. The music that has me in it,that I’ve worked and crafted from a tiny idea I had when I may have been on the bus or in the shower. I miss the people I play my music with and the people I play my music for. It means everything to me. I know not everybody likes it and I would never expect anyone to like it,but I expect people to have the same appreciation for it that I have for their work.
Going off on a slight tangent,I miss people.

This was written by a very tired,very achey,somewhat emotional and lost in a haze of thoughts little boy. Please excuse my unwarranted and slightly out of character ranting